Saturday, December 06, 2008

to view progress of the rehab initiative Murshid Hospital took to organize the CHAL Network comprising of rehab institutes and individuals who are serving the physically challenged persons of the earthquake hit areas. A three year public-private partnership has blossomed in to a sustainable endowment to maintain the rehab centres and serve the physically challenged persons to be integrated in to the main stream of society.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Last wounded earthquake victim returns home.

The last patient was discharged on 7th January 2006 after we felt comfortable she was well equipped to use the artificial lower limb. Her psychological counselling, physiotherapy and pre-prosthetic training took a while. We are not a specialist place to provide limbs. Our approach was more conservative therefore, the process took some extra time to get her on the feet.

Total cost of treating 17 wounded patients of 8th October 2005 earthquake was just over one million Rupees. MHHCC raised its own funding for this purpose from its Benefactors.

We are working with professional Limb Centres to complement their services and reach out`to the affected persons nearer their homes in smaller towns. Similarly we are supporting purpose built centres serving paraplegic patients.

Subsequent posts will be made at a yahoo groups site reporting on the initiative of rehabilitating the disabled.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dr S Tipu Sultan visits MHHCC to bid farewell to returning earthquake victims and their attendants

On November 29, 2005 MHHCC arranged a high tea for all patients' guests and their attendants. Seven out of 14 wounded were discharged and the hospital made arrangements of special door-to-door transportation.

Dr Tipu addressed the patients with whom he had flown from Chaklala to Karachi in a C 130. Dr A Sattar Jaffer, Medical Director also reviewed the services MHHCC had extended over the last one month to these patients.

There was extreme satisfaction amongst the patients and attendants about the entire administrative arrangements from the time they were flown out of Islamabad to now the time to return to Islamabad.

MHHCC and its staff are keen to serve the disabled persons of the earthquake areas. It is taking up with the authorities to develop a partnership between Government and private service providers.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Discharge from hospital

The 14 patients that were admitted to Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre on 26th October will have been with us for a month. Although they have been taken care of as best as we could, for a few it is time to be discharged.

  • Wounds of few patients have healed and are free of infection. They are ready to leave. Others will take another week.
  • A few will take longer. The stump of a lady amputee has healed and measurements have been taken to arrange an artificial limb. She is undergoing physiotherapy and psychiatric care.
  • One patient has been a source of concern. Mr Ameer Khan was admitted with an amputated right leg and the wound was severely infected. He has diabetes mellitus with microvascular complication. Recently he developed silent anterior wall myocardial ischaemia with (L) ventricular failure and chest infection. It was complicated by cardiac arrhythmia. Appropriate anti ischaemic treatment was started along with antibiotic. Sinus Rhythm has been restored. He is making satisfactory progress on the cardiac front but the wound is still infected. He is shifted to Isolation Room and is being followed by Orthopaedic Surgeon and Cardiologist.
    He will need further stay for 2 – 4 weeks.

Post of messages here have reduced as patients are being kept at maintenance level.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Day after Eid

It was a quiet day. Dr Bhawany, aenesthetist MHHCC helped OT staff conduct dressings of four patients. Hajira Bibi, Bed # 21 is ready for rotation flap by Dr Tahir Shafi, Consultant plastic surgeon on Mon Nov 7. Similarly, patient whose wounds are healing will undergo ORIF next week.

On Monday, Nov 7 all Conultants will conduct a Grand Round and decide further action and issue an interim report.

One more patient was reported to have been admitted at MHHCC on Nov 4. He is stated to be from the same village as patient on Bed # 26, Ameer Khan. Details provided by his attendant and referring person will be recorded on Monday.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pre Eid Surgeries & Visits

Dr Sabeen, Resident Plastic Surgeon, AKUH performed a major skin graft on Ms Parveen of Bed # 37, attended to dressings of two patients who had been operated upon two days ago by Dr Tahir Shafi, Consultant Plastic Surgeon & Dr Fazal, Resident. Satisfactory progress was noted. Patient Hajira's dressing was done and it is expected that she will be operated upon by Dr Tahir Shafi insha Allah on Monday, Nov 7.

Dr Maqsood, Ortho Consultant, Dr Arif Naqvi and OT Staff of MHHCC performed ORIF & fixed plates to Khursheed Bibi of bed # 35.

Rotary Club Karachi East President, Mr Hasan Sait and Mrs Rukhsana Jaffer, Inner Wheeler visited MHHCC by prior arrangement at 11:00am. They spoke to the attendants collectively and expressed their sympathies with them. Subsequently they met the patients individually and offered Eidi gifts to them.

TV One, Karachi Programme Director of the Breakfast Show, Shehla Naqvi, arrived early afternoon with the crew, asked patients and attendants about their welfare, recorded their messages and also interviewed MHHCC staff. She donated two wheel chairs to immobilized patients.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Consultants make rounds

Although Consultants are available on call during the Eid holidays, and some surgeries are even planned then, all Consultants visited their patients to ensure their progress is satisfactory. MHHCC staff is extending exemplary service beyond the call of duty. Recognizing the special circumstances, attendants of the patients are being looked after at the hospital. Friends and volunteers visit them and provide necessary support.