Monday, October 31, 2005

Oct 31st - 27th Ramadan

Comfort & welfare of the visitors are a continuous concern of our staff. Although MHHCC avails 27th Ramadan as an optional holiday, Dr Arif Naqvi, aenesthetist MHHCC and his team attended to the dressing of wounds in the evening to help the healing. As infected wounds of patients heal, further surgeries are being scheduled during the next few days.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

A busy day in Operating Theatres

Dr Tahir Shafi Khan, Consultant Plastic Surgeon returned to MHHCC after an interval of few months. For five years he has performed many corrective and reconstructive surgeries, in particular congenital deformities like cleft lip and upper palate totally on an honarary basis. He peformed a complicated surgery on Jana Begum who was received with a serious facial injury. His colleague from AKUH, Dr Fazal, Resident Plastic Surgeon operated on Saba who had a soft tissue injury and needed grafting.

Dr Maqsood and his MHHCC team comprising of Dr Arif Naqvi, aenesthetist and OT in-charge, Najam remained busy till 8:30pm with further ortho surgeries and dressing of wounds.

Patients in surgery and wards Oct 31.
Welfare of patients and attendants

Dressing of wounds is a daily routine. Since most are wounds of moderate to high severity, these are done in OT under GA or sedation by Dr Maqsood, Ortho Consultant, MHHCC and his team. Patient comfort is prime. They are recuperating. Attendants are disciplined and relatives of some visit them regularly.

Board Members and Friends of MHHCC visited the patients, enquired about their welfare, and offered items of daily needs to make their stay and that of their attendants comfortable.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Progress of earthquake victims at MHHCC

28 October

Today, representatives of NADRA visited the hospital and took particulars of the admitted persons. Since PMA also needs this information for its record, we have posted particulars for family and authorities to view status of patients over the next week.

First ortho surgery is listed for tomorrow, October 29th. Others will have to wait till the infection of the wounds is healed:

S.No./Bed #/Patient Name/Age/Address & NIC/Diagnosis/ Plan

1 /19/Nazeera /60 /Merabkot, P.O. Chunary, Muzffarabad - NIC # 37405-0503850-2 / ( R ) TIBIA WITH EXTERNAL FIXATOR INFECTED WOUND. /Once wound heals ORIF will be done. Debridement done Nov 2nd by Dr Khwaja Arif.

2/21/Bibi Hajra w/o Abdullah/45/Gurthama, P.O. Chunary, Tehsil Hatyan, Muzaffarabad-NIC # 35201-4532589-7/( R ) TIBIA WITH EXTRNAL FIXATOR /Rotation flap by Plastic surgeon scheduled on Nov 7.

3/22/Jana Begum w/o Noor Akbar/45/NIC N.A. Muzaffarabad/ FACE INJURY /Flap done by Dr Tahir Shafi Oct 31.

4/32/Parvaiz s/o Saeed Khan/ 23 /Siry P.O. Jareen, Tehsil Balakot, Mansehra - NIC # 13501-6595194-3 / ( R ) LOWER END OF TIBIA / Skin graft & ORIF done 2nd Nov

5/26/Ameer Khan s/o Muhammad Khan/50/Hantky Darrah, P.O Chunary Tehsil Hatyan, Muzaffarabad - NIC # 82202-4955250-5 / AMPUTATED ( R ) LEG INFECTED WOUND DIABETIC. Debridement - await healing of wound. Daily dressing.

6/30/Miskeen Ahmed s/o Abdul Rehman/40 /Balakot, Mansehra - NIC NA/ (L) FEMUR & WOUND (L) HEEL
/operated Oct 29

7/31/Abdul Mateen s/o Abdul Qayum/12 /Base Jhula, P.O. Base Bagla, Bagh-NIC # 82101-3364063-5 of brother Abdul Qadeem /LOWER END OF ( R ) TIBIA WITH EXTERNAL FIXATOR /Skin graft & bone fixation.

8/34/Sheran Jan w/o Ashfaq /25/Lugyan, Chakothi, P.O. Chakothi, Tehsil Hatyan, Muzaffarabad - NIC # 82202-3073857-5 / (L) FEMUR. ORIF, plate - done Oct 31

9/35/Khursheed Bibi w/o Idrees /45/Mohalla Darwaish Abad, P.O. Ghanol Khola, Tehsil Balakot, Mansehra - NIC # 13501-1253370-4/ ( R ) TIBIA, POST LSCS / ORIF done Nov 3.

10/36/Saba w/oUmer Jan/ 30/Alai, Batgram - NIC# NA/SOFT TISSUE INJURY (L) LEG - FULL TERM PREGNANT / skin graft - done Oct 31.

11/37/Parveen w/o Rafiq/35/ Bagh - NIC # NA/INFECTED WOUND ( R ) ARM, AMPUTATED (L) LEG /Form stump & graft skin - done Oct 31, Nov 2 & 3.

12/38/ Begum Jan w/o Khan Muhammad/70/Bharka, Bagh-NIC # 52101-6845063-6/( R ) FEMUR /Pending

13/39/Master Sheraz s/o Nazeer/3/Dhoman Jhul, Muzaffarabad-NIC #82203-7083771-3/PROXIMAL END OF ( R ) FEMUR & WOUNDS ON (L) LEG / skin graft; MUA & POP - done 2nd Nov

14/40/Nasreen w/o Nazeer /22/Dhoman Jhul, Muzaffarabad - NIC #82203-7083771-3/
(L) HUMRUS & PELVIS / MUA & POP - done Oct 28.

Friday, October 28, 2005

27th October 2005

  • MHHCC orthopaedic consultant, Dr Maqsood attended to the wounds of all patients admitted. Surgeries are being scheduled. Some patients will have to wait till the infection of their wound is healed.
  • Dr Masood Sheikh, Consultant visited MHHCC and reviewed all tests, X-rays and reports. He suggested surgeries to be scheduled as the patients and their family members want to return to their homes.
  • Dr Tahir Shafi, Consultant was invited to look at two patients requiring reconstructive surgeries. He kindly visited and has scheduled both patients for Monday, October 31st.
  • A list of admits has been provided to the Additional Secretary Health (Technical) Government of Sindh, as required by the Federal Government.


    On 26th October 2005
  • a C 130 landed in Karachi at 2:45pm with 34 wounded persons from Islamabad. Dr S. Tipu Sultan, Consultant Aenesthetist, President PMA, and his team of doctors flew in with them.
  • Nine female, one 3 year old boy and four male adults with varying intensity of wounds and fractures were admitted to Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre by 6:30pm. After receiving the patients at PAF Base Shahrah e Faisal, Dr Masood Sheikh, Consultant & MHHCC team of doctors returned to the hospital and attended to the immediate needs of the patients and their family members. All persons were transported from PAF Airbase to MHHCC in Eidhi ambulances.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre (MHHCC) is dedicated to serve humanity, in particular the under privileged. On 24th October 2005 MHHCC Board approved round-the-clock procedures (orthopaedic & reconstructive) to be carried out to bring relief to the wounded earthquake affectees of NWFP & AJK.

A C130 plane is expected to transfer some 30 wounded and as many attendants to Karachi in the late afternoon on October 26, 2005 from Islamabad. Some of these patients will be accommodated at MHHCC. Dr S. Tipu Sulatn, President PMA & Dr Masood Sheikh are overseeing the medical aspect of this operation. MHHCC Board, Administration, and Supporters are committed to help alleviate this suffering. Funds are being raised to meet the costs of operations, and stay of patients and their attendants while at MHHCC.

On average a patient is expected to stay at MHHCC for a week. Please add your comments after each post if you wish to guide or assist us in any way. Persons desiring to volunteer to attend to patients needs may contact Tasnim Jaffer at or post a message here. We will get back to you if you leave a contact. This site shall be updated once a day unless something urgent is to be shared with our Group.

MHHCC is located on Hub River Road 6km past National Motors. For directions call +92-21-281.1302 to 06; email