Saturday, October 29, 2005

Progress of earthquake victims at MHHCC

28 October

Today, representatives of NADRA visited the hospital and took particulars of the admitted persons. Since PMA also needs this information for its record, we have posted particulars for family and authorities to view status of patients over the next week.

First ortho surgery is listed for tomorrow, October 29th. Others will have to wait till the infection of the wounds is healed:

S.No./Bed #/Patient Name/Age/Address & NIC/Diagnosis/ Plan

1 /19/Nazeera /60 /Merabkot, P.O. Chunary, Muzffarabad - NIC # 37405-0503850-2 / ( R ) TIBIA WITH EXTERNAL FIXATOR INFECTED WOUND. /Once wound heals ORIF will be done. Debridement done Nov 2nd by Dr Khwaja Arif.

2/21/Bibi Hajra w/o Abdullah/45/Gurthama, P.O. Chunary, Tehsil Hatyan, Muzaffarabad-NIC # 35201-4532589-7/( R ) TIBIA WITH EXTRNAL FIXATOR /Rotation flap by Plastic surgeon scheduled on Nov 7.

3/22/Jana Begum w/o Noor Akbar/45/NIC N.A. Muzaffarabad/ FACE INJURY /Flap done by Dr Tahir Shafi Oct 31.

4/32/Parvaiz s/o Saeed Khan/ 23 /Siry P.O. Jareen, Tehsil Balakot, Mansehra - NIC # 13501-6595194-3 / ( R ) LOWER END OF TIBIA / Skin graft & ORIF done 2nd Nov

5/26/Ameer Khan s/o Muhammad Khan/50/Hantky Darrah, P.O Chunary Tehsil Hatyan, Muzaffarabad - NIC # 82202-4955250-5 / AMPUTATED ( R ) LEG INFECTED WOUND DIABETIC. Debridement - await healing of wound. Daily dressing.

6/30/Miskeen Ahmed s/o Abdul Rehman/40 /Balakot, Mansehra - NIC NA/ (L) FEMUR & WOUND (L) HEEL
/operated Oct 29

7/31/Abdul Mateen s/o Abdul Qayum/12 /Base Jhula, P.O. Base Bagla, Bagh-NIC # 82101-3364063-5 of brother Abdul Qadeem /LOWER END OF ( R ) TIBIA WITH EXTERNAL FIXATOR /Skin graft & bone fixation.

8/34/Sheran Jan w/o Ashfaq /25/Lugyan, Chakothi, P.O. Chakothi, Tehsil Hatyan, Muzaffarabad - NIC # 82202-3073857-5 / (L) FEMUR. ORIF, plate - done Oct 31

9/35/Khursheed Bibi w/o Idrees /45/Mohalla Darwaish Abad, P.O. Ghanol Khola, Tehsil Balakot, Mansehra - NIC # 13501-1253370-4/ ( R ) TIBIA, POST LSCS / ORIF done Nov 3.

10/36/Saba w/oUmer Jan/ 30/Alai, Batgram - NIC# NA/SOFT TISSUE INJURY (L) LEG - FULL TERM PREGNANT / skin graft - done Oct 31.

11/37/Parveen w/o Rafiq/35/ Bagh - NIC # NA/INFECTED WOUND ( R ) ARM, AMPUTATED (L) LEG /Form stump & graft skin - done Oct 31, Nov 2 & 3.

12/38/ Begum Jan w/o Khan Muhammad/70/Bharka, Bagh-NIC # 52101-6845063-6/( R ) FEMUR /Pending

13/39/Master Sheraz s/o Nazeer/3/Dhoman Jhul, Muzaffarabad-NIC #82203-7083771-3/PROXIMAL END OF ( R ) FEMUR & WOUNDS ON (L) LEG / skin graft; MUA & POP - done 2nd Nov

14/40/Nasreen w/o Nazeer /22/Dhoman Jhul, Muzaffarabad - NIC #82203-7083771-3/
(L) HUMRUS & PELVIS / MUA & POP - done Oct 28.


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